What worries you more? COVID-19 or Suicide Statistics

With Men's Health Week in mind, did you know..... current stats say 1 person dies globally per hour from suicide and at least 75% of these are Men??!

Did you know......a 3 year research program backed by Beyond Blue and Movember reported last year that on average ambulance services ONLY, not police, not hospitals JUST ambulance would attend 82 situations EVERY SINGLE DAY where Men had attemped to take their lives or had serious thoughts of doing so in Australia alone??!

Did you know.....6 Men die by suicide in our country alone EVERY SINGLE DAY??!

Did you know....the same research reports this could be 3 times HIGHER in real life??!

Did you know....2 out of 3 cases that present to hospital emergency departments, alcohol and/or drugs were also involved??!

Did you know.....this was BEFORE a pandemic that has brought further challenges for people living with mental health challenges or illness??!

Did you know....these horrifying very real statistics are based ONLY on the cases that funding has been focused on collecting this specific data....these are cases that are known due to needing emergency help to save their life....how many people are not seeking help or SPEAKING about their struggles out loud without shame??!

We go to the doctor and seek professional help and support for a physical illness yet we let our minds suffer and rather than show our authentic selves, we armour up to face the day and wear a mask out into the world while we internalise and breakdown on the inside. We mask our true feelings with dependencies that keep us distracted and feel good temporarily. We work more, shop more, do more, eat more, drink more.......and the cycle continues.....

If you want to be a star athlete competing at the top of your chosen field, what sort of support would be needed to do this?! A sports coach, physio, dietician, nutritionist, specialist if you have an injury to help you recover, mind coach, life coach, GP....why is it we don't consider needing help to the same degree just to be fabulous at being our best selves in every day life........?

If this bothers you, watching this documentary The Mask You Live In with your kids is a good start to understanding why this could be so for our Men in the world today and what you can do to help change this horrifying data. It's great to see people participating in mental health awareness campaigns eating eggs, sugar and drinking alcohol but I personally don't see what that actually does to make change happen compared to making the $200 donation to a leading organisation like Beyond Blue positively impacting this real life crisis.

So I challenge you, if you actually genuinely care about saving lives, commit 97mins of your life to this documentary here or on Netflix or Google Play and learn something that you can do to help save the Men and future Men in your lives and another 5 mins to read this research article for yourself.

Or if you're next level committed to making meaningful change and want to invest in educating your workplace to enable a mentally healthy workplace culture, reach out and make my day. I'd be beyond delighted to share with you and your people what we can do to turn this sinking ship around.

Knowledge is powerful and builds the awareness we are so desperately lacking to protect all lives. Make it ok for people to know, it's ok, not to be ok.

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