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People & Culture Specialist 

Emma is a highly engaging and talented adult educator, passionate about guiding others to enhance individual potential and overall wellbeing to inspire a mentally and physically healthy life, Emma has dedicated herself to teaching people across the globe with expertise within the Personal Injury Management, Community Services and Disability Sectors. 


A respected leader in having mental health conversations in the workplace and with extensive experience in Mental Health First Aid, careers counselling, employee engagement, positive workplace culture, individual and leadership coaching and training and assessment across various industries and roles, Emma is committed to providing the tools and building awareness to support others to contribute to improving wellbeing both within and away from the workplace.  

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What I Specialize In

Workplace Mental Health 

Leadership & Coaching

Learning & Development 

Employee Engagement

Personal Injury Management

“The companies that spend more time thinking about their staff will keep staff longer. At the end of the day, success or failure of any business is its people. They want to know that it is a healthy workplace, that they’re respected, that they’re listened to, and it suits their lifestyles.”

- Janine Allis, Founder of Boost Juice Bars

“Emma was able to provide personal experience and knowledge into the course which was fantastic.”

“Emma was also articulate and knowledgeable. Her willingness to share personal experiences was heartwarming and helped us better understand issues relating to mental health.”

“Very engaging and provided a positive learning experience.”

“This workshop was such an eye opening experience. Emma and Anna have amazing facilitation skills.”

“Emma also gave great personal insights and was very valuable in understanding mental health.”

“She was great. Her freedom to share here own experiences opened up the conversation and created a safe environment to talk openly.”

“Great job - this stuff can't be easy stuff to present! Thanks for sharing so much of your own personal experiences with us. That was very helpful when putting some of the learning into context.”

- Anonymous Mental Health First Aid Participant Feedback

“I engaged Emma’s services when I gained a new role in an industry I had taken a 2 year break from and went back to people management, which I hadn’t done for about 4 years, I was wanting to know how I could be the best leader for my staff, Emma helped me clearly understand what I wanted to achieve and broke it down into manageable pieces for me to work on, Emma was so flexible with our sessions always accommodating my needs & work pressures. Emma helped me build confidence in my ability, she held me accountable and supported me to thrive in my role. Now 8 months in I have a highly functioning team who all love coming to work. I highly recommend Emma! Thank you lovely for all of your help.”

- Lindsay McPherson

“Emma helped me by taking the time to sit down with me and work out what interests I had, what motivated me, what my strengths were and possible careers to apply my strengths and my personality type too. During the sessions, Emma helped me to identify my future goals and how to align these to career options. Emma also helped me with developing a 30 day plan to implement immediately and getting one step closer to moving out of this rut I had found myself in. What I  liked most was Emma's warmth and caring nature and genuine interest in assisting me to progress in life. I found the experience to be very welcoming, non-threatening and I have now gained a confidence in my ability in myself to strive to achieve my goals. I would recommend Emma to anyone who may need that gentle shove to step outside the square and discover the world of opportunity that does exist…if you are willing to reach out and make changes.”

- Chloe Wood

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